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Lots of rain this morning but as we could board the bus in front of the hotel that didn’t bother us. 10 minutes later we were at terminal 2 of Narita airport. Japanese efficiency meant that 25 minutes later we …

October 25th, Going home Read More »

As usual, our last day is a stressless day. We had less than 200 Km to go to our final accommodation near Narita airport.

We had a long drive ahead, not as much in distance but in time needed. The first part to Matsumoto went smooth as we could stay on the expressway almost all the time.

We started the day with what we expected to be a less than 2 hour drive to see some rice terraces in Hoshitoge. Just a few kilometers before we reached our destination the road was closed because of typhoon damage.

We got up really early, it was still dark, so we could go to breakfast as soon as the restaurant opened at 6:30. We had a 45 minute drive ahead of us to try to get the first cablecar of …

October 21st, Tateyama Kurobe Alpine route Read More »

Yesterday’s rain cleared during the night but it remained overcast the whole day. We booked a trainride along the Kurobe Gorge. The 20 Km ride took 1 hour 20 minutes as the train meandered through several tunnels to Keyakidaira.

The weather forecast didn’t look good but while we were driving to Takayama the sun even came out. The temperature was around 21 degrees when we found a place to park.

Instead of a half day on the train, it’s a full day. Since we finally hsd someone in thr hotel who spoke English, we asked to call ahead to the next car rental agency to tell them we would arrive …

October 18th, Shinkansen to Toyama Read More »

Only half an hour after we left our hotel we arrived at Risshaku Temple. We could see some buildings from the parking lot but we had to climb 1000 steps to get to the top. Along the way are a …

October 17th, Yamagata to Fukushima Read More »

We left early again as we wanted to get the 10 o’clock boattour at Geibikei Gorge almost 100 Km from Morioka. We made it with just minutes to spare. Because of the typhoon the waterlevels were unsafe in part of …

October 16th, Morioka to Yamagata Read More »