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Because of the delayed flight yesterday it was kind of a rush going through Boca and along Buenos Aires’ main attractions so we decided to take it easy. We slept in, had a late breakfast and arranged our luggage for

As Aerolineas Argentinas could only hold our reservation on the changed flight until 6 in the morning we got up at half past five so would be at the airport before that. Strangely enough no airline staff was to be

It was the same routine as yesterday but without all the problems.  Up at seven, breakfast at eight and then we had to wait for the bus that would bring us to Mount Pleasant airport.

Time to leave Argentina for a week. After breakfast we drove to the airport and returned our car. We proceeded to check-in and then had time to wait for our airplane that came from Punto Arenas in Chile. We followed

No rush today, so breakfast at nine and then it was time to pack our bags and after a stop at the bakery we began our 320 Km journey to Rio Gallegos.