December 17th, Rio Gallegos to Buenos Aires and Walking Tour

As Aerolineas Argentinas could only hold our reservation on the changed flight until 6 in the morning we got up at half past five so would be at the airport before that. Strangely enough no airline staff was to be found. After talking to a security guard via Google Translate we found out they would only arrive at seven.

By 7:30 they finally opened check-in and it was obvious there was a lot of info about us in the system. It took a long time to process our reservation and the man at the desk even went to consult a colleague. When he returned, he printed our boarding passes as if nothing had happened. We didn’t have to pay extra and even our luggage  went through without a problem although one bag was a few kilo’s overweight.

While waiting we saw that our plane would be late coming in so we would be delayed too. From the gate we mailed our B&B that Miguel should pick us up  later and we also let Jessica, our guide for the walking tour we already rescheduled,  know we would barely make it by 2 o’clock.

In the end we arrived at the B&B at the same time as Jessica. We quickly dropped everything off and started our tour. A taxi brought us to La Boca, a colorful area with old bars and artists. From here we took a bus to the center of Buenos Aires where we saw the presidential palace and several government buildings.

Our 3 hour tour ended after more than 4 hours near the Senate where we said goodbye to Jessica and where we continued to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. A taxi brought us back to our accommodation for a good night’s sleep.

Tomorrow we will sleep in and relax before Miguel will come to get us to go to the airport for our flight home.


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    Eind goed al goed…