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New York 2008

Again time for sleeping in. We did everything we wanted to do in New York and today we had to leave. We stayed in our room until check-out time and then took a cab to JFK. Traffic was rather light

We walked through a part of Central Park and choose our route to pass Down the Rabbit Hole – NYC . This is an easy to get to cache where you have to be very careful not to attract attention.

During the holidays we don’t have a lot of “free” time so for geocaching we try to find the occasional cache without losing  to much time. On tuesday we were up the Empire State Building, the spot of one of

We slept in as these are the last few hours in the Big Apple.  There was a heavy thunderstorm during the night and several parts of New York and surroundings suffered flash flooding. By morning it stopped raining. There”s nothing

We had to get up earlier than yesterday. This was not a problem since I woke up early because of the very loud noise of a thunderstorm more than an hour before our alarm-clock was to go off. We had