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Strange things happen at airports, to protect the “guilty” I won’t say where this happened but hey, if you read the blog you’ll know. Security in important but the liquids rule is in my view “over the top” however, we

During this trip we were sometimes struck by the way things have changed over the years. Our first US holiday was in 1986,  our first and only visit to New York was in 1987 and we were in Florida in

Another early morning. Most of our stuff was already packed and after we had breakfast we needed only little time to get going. We drove north to Miami International Airport where we returned our rental car and checked in our

We didn’t plan ahead for today. Just one activity was on our list for  a long time: a parasail flight. The company we choose opened at 10 and a little later we were there. No one else showed up while

We planned a day trip to the Theater of the Seas in Islamorada. This is a small park has a dolphin, sea lion and parrot show and features sea turtles, rays, sharks and tropical fish. We spend about 3 hours