Category: Falkland Islands

December 16th, Falklands to Rio Gallegos

It was the same routine as yesterday but without all the problems.  Up at seven, breakfast at eight and then we had to wait for the bus that would bring us to Mount Pleasant airport.

December 15th, Unexpectedly still in Stanley

We were getting ready for breakfast when there was a knock on the door. Teresa came to tell us that our flight to Rio Gallegos was cancelled because of the weather. The airport was to close at 10 until tomorrow

December 14th, Stanley, Volunteer Point

After breakfast Tony picked us up for drive of almost 3 hours to Volunteer Point, the last hour and a half at walking pace in 4×4 mode.

December 13th, Pebble Island to Stanley

It was time to leave Pebble Island in the morning and fly to Stanley. The wind was blowing hard but that’s not a problem for the FIGAS pilots. The bonus was that it only took 30 min flight time because

December 12th, Pebble Island

We started our full day exploring the island by 4×4 at 9:15. The first stop was at the airport at the location an Argentinian Skyvan was destroyed when the British retook the island in the 1982 conflict. Next we visited