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While walking around town  yesterday we already ordered a taxi to pick us up today. Right on time we heard a car honk outside and 15 minutes later we were at the airport.

Because of the extra time we have in Ushuaia we could make this a “lazy Saturday”. After yesterday’s longer day with more activity we could just stroll through town stress free.

Another early morning. Because Aerolineas Argentinas changed our flights we had to finds extra things to do in Ushuaia. We found a nice trip to Gable Island, a farm and one of the only places to easily see penguins.

We had a 4×4 trip booked for the day so we had to get earlier than the previous days. We were picked up at 8:20 as promised and found out there was just one more passenger and there was only …

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The morning started with little wind, an exception around here, and the sun out in full force. These are ideal weather conditions for a boat trip on the Beagle Channel.

It was again bright and sunny when we woke up. It was a short drive to the parking lot where we started a hike of 5 Km to Lago Esmeralda. The first part was easy, walking through a forest first …

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While planning our holiday we looked into getting a local SIM for internet access. It looked like Personal had a good deal for tourists with their package of 3GB data plus some SMS’s and calling time for 500 pesos (€12.50) valid …

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The sun was already shining when we woke up at 7. The temperature was 8 degrees and the wind was already blowing hard.

Alarm clock at 6 in the morning…that’s early. Orlando had breakfast ready for us at 7 and half an hour later “our” taxidriver Miguel took us to the airport. The flight departed from AEP, which is in the city and …

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