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December 18th, Last Day In Buenos Aires

Because of the delayed flight yesterday it was kind of a rush going through Boca and along Buenos Aires’ main attractions so we decided to take it easy. We slept in, had a late breakfast and arranged our luggage for

December 17th, Rio Gallegos to Buenos Aires and Walking Tour

As Aerolineas Argentinas could only hold our reservation on the changed flight until 6 in the morning we got up at half past five so would be at the airport before that. Strangely enough no airline staff was to be

How (not) to get a data SIM from Personal Argentina

While planning our holiday we looked into getting a local SIM for internet access. It looked like Personal had a good deal for tourists with their package of 3GB data plus some SMS’s and calling time for 500 pesos (€12.50) valid

November 25th, Buenos Aires to Ushuaia

Alarm clock at 6 in the morning…that’s early. Orlando had breakfast ready for us at 7 and half an hour later “our” taxidriver Miguel took us to the airport. The flight departed from AEP, which is in the city and

November 24th, Buenos Aires

We left home on Friday afternoon to get the train to Brussels where the high speed Thalys would bring us to Schiphol. Soon it was clear something wasn’t right. It looked like it took forever to get to Antwerp, the