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The new Oregon 600 replaced the old Colorado 300

On one of our last cachingtrips our old Colorado 300 “rock n roller” started to have a problem. After a long time this part of the GPS starts to wear out and even though I was able to repair it

3000 finds at last !!

We made it!! #3000 has been found. Aurora Territory, while not our first choice for this milestone it was a nice location to log a “special one”.  It was the most eastern location we went to on this trip and

#3000 special cache or special location?

Today, our number of  found caches stands at 2988. We have been thinking of #3000 for a while and want this to be a memorable cache or cache location, if possible both. It’s not always easy finding those special caches


It’s been a while since the last update so we’re now well over #2000. We were able to make our 2000th cache somewhat special even if it was a traditional. It was found in Tromsø up a hill with view

Slowly moving to #2000

Finally another update. At the start of 2011 we were a few caches short of 700 hoping that we could find this milestone in the United Arab Emirates during a short trip to Dubai. Unfortunately we found days were not